Dangerous to Believe

I disagree with much of what I hear, but refusing to listen is to embrace deliberate ignorance….

Hard To Make Sense

It’s hard to make sense of an answer if you don’t understand the question.

More Significant

‪I suspect that how we react when good or bad things happen to others is a more significant moral test than how we respond when good or bad things happen to us.

Puppet Strings

The things we see, hear, watch, and listen to enslave us….

Off the Stool

To hold a grudge is to tie and tighten a noose around your own neck….

Don’t Talk Down

Don’t talk down to your elders. They’ve lived circles around you. Don’t talk down to children. They’ve made fewer mistakes than you.

Bigger Pictures

Weigh what others say based on bigger pictures, clearly intended meanings, and actual points made rather than slips of the tongue and poor word choices that we all are prone to make.

Catches Your Sail

A little self control is like a steady wind that catches your sail and carries you far.


Those jutting rocks that make you stumble and lift your feet high on the way up serve as footholds on the way down.