‪I wonder sometimes whether we have become victims of our own definition of story, which always includes conflict and expendable characters.‬

I’ll Go With You

When I was little and felt like running away, my dad would grab my hand and say, “Here…I’ll go with you.” Together we’d wander through the mists and ponderosa pine forests of California’s foothills until there was nothing left to do but go home. Today is one of those days. Not so different from any…

Worse Than Hate

There will always be haters. Hate crosses race, religion, and party lines. It seeps under doorways and spills over walls. It’s served up for dinner at family meals. But not everyone is a hater. And that’s important to remember. Hate is not conquered by angry protests or rigid regulations. Those who claim to love can…

Love Does More

Love does more than solve our personal problems. It makes us part of a universal solution.


If we were amazed by more things, we might be more prone to positive action.

We Know Better

If we say things to some that we know better than to say to others, we know better.


It is dangerous to use what we perceive as someone else’s idiocy to justify our own.

Never Mistaken

Commitment to a cause does not make us good. Speaking out against bigotry, cruelty, or betrayal does not make us kind. Devotion to a cause often arises from bitterness over a wrong that we choose to take personally and to assume as our identity, regardless of whether it was done to us individually. Bitterness can…


Promises should be made with care. They can turn into prison walls that permanently divide and ultimately conquer.

New Reasons

I’m not afraid to change my mind. Sometimes I just discover new reasons to believe old things.

Dangerous to Believe

‪I disagree with much of what I hear, but refusing to listen is to embrace deliberate ignorance. It’s dangerous in relationships, religion, and politics to believe we have nothing to gain by listening. ‬

Hard To Make Sense

It’s hard to make sense of an answer if you don’t understand the question.