More Significant

I suspect that how we internally react when good or bad things happen to others is a more significant moral test than how we respond when good or bad things happen to us.

What I Don’t Do

I’m reasserting my freedom to not do what others do in the name of freedom. What I don’t do matters. Following my heart isn’t always an epic expression of creativity or wisdom.

Puppet Strings

The things we see, watch, hear, and listen to enslave us, remaining permanently etched in our memories. They continue to influence what we think, how we feel, who we are and who we become–like invisible hands moving puppet strings above the stage of our lives.

Off the Stool

To hold a grudge is to tie and tighten a noose around your own neck. At some point you grow unconscious and fall off the stool whether you intended to or not.


We all are misunderstood. The tragedy is in building entire movements based on feeling misunderstood rather than seeking to understand.

Don’t Talk Down

Don’t talk down to your elders. They’ve lived circles around you. Don’t talk down to children. They’ve made fewer mistakes than you.

Bigger Pictures

Weigh what others say based on bigger pictures, clearly intended meanings, and actual points made rather than slips of the tongue and poor word choices that we all are prone to make.

Catches Your Sail

A little self control is like a steady wind that catches your sail and carries you far.


Those jutting rocks that make you stumble and lift your feet high on the way up serve as footholds on the way down.

Really About

All of our family road trips were never really about seeing the sights, learning about history, or having fun. They were about building faith, family unity, warmth, joy, and belonging unbounded by time or space. They were about lingering and laughing, loving and being truly present. I still see those things in my children’s eyes.

Walking on Water

Sometimes you wake up and find yourself walking on water, and you recognize it for the miracle that it is. ~August 15, 2015