We Know Better

If we say things to some that we know better than to say to others, we know better.


It is dangerous to use what we perceive as someone else’s idiocy to justify our own.

Never Mistaken

Commitment to a cause does not make us good. Speaking out against bigotry, cruelty, or betrayal does not make us kind. Devotion to a cause often arises from bitterness over a wrong that we choose to take personally and to assume as our identity, regardless of whether it was done to us individually. Bitterness can…


Promises should be made with care. They can turn into prison walls that permanently divide and ultimately conquer.

New Reasons

I’m not afraid to change my mind. Sometimes I just discover new reasons to believe old things.

Dangerous to Believe

‪I disagree with much of what I hear, but refusing to listen is to embrace deliberate ignorance. It’s dangerous in relationships, religion, and politics to believe we have nothing to gain by listening. ‬

Hard To Make Sense

It’s hard to make sense of an answer if you don’t understand the question.

More Significant

I suspect that how we internally react when good or bad things happen to others is a more significant moral test than how we respond when good or bad things happen to us.

What I Don’t Do

I’m reasserting my freedom to not do what others do in the name of freedom. What I don’t do matters. Following my heart isn’t always an epic expression of creativity or wisdom.

Puppet Strings

‪The things we see, watch, hear, and listen remain permanently etched in our memories, continuing to influence what we think, how we feel, who we are and who we become—like invisible hands moving puppet strings above the stage of our lives.‬

Off the Stool

To hold a grudge is to tie and tighten a noose around your own neck. At some point you grow unconscious and fall off the stool whether you intended to or not.


We all are misunderstood. The tragedy is in building entire movements based on feeling misunderstood rather than seeking to understand.