Failure is always an option. It’s just not the preferred one.


The things we see and experience produce feelings that form mental associations that connect with hints of reality, changing how we negotiate our way through life for better or worse. What we expose ourselves to creates short-term moods that turn into deep-seated attitudes that influence our perceptions and life choices for the long term. They…

Live It Well

One of the strongest indicators of improving mental health is losing the need to escape life and instead looking for new ways to live it well.

From the Outside

One game a parent will never win is painting the other parent out in a negative light—to anyone. There’s nothing, nothing, nothing more detrimental to children than lack of mutual respect and a driving battle for control between parents, regardless of whether they’re together. False humility and the inability to value each other’s contributions hurts…


Carefully consider the questions you ask. You’ll be stuck with the answers.

Near and Far

If you don’t love the people near to you, you don’t love the people far from you.


Many of us build our lives, our identities, our platforms, on the bitter declaration, “Look what has been done to me!” That, I believe, divides us more than any of our social, political, economic or religious differences. On the other side are those who ask, “What good can I do for others?” The distinction is…


Don’t criticize a recipe you’ve never actually followed.


Your actions and outcomes are affected not only by what you put in your mind but also by what you fail to put there.


My husband and I are staring down our 30th anniversary. Things we’ve learned… Listen more than you speak. Give more than you take. Smile more than you frown. Manage thoughts and expectations (mostly your own). Recognize the value in each other and speak of it often to others. Acknowledge the probability that others are giving…


I was fascinated with the idea of tiny worlds when I was a kid. Then I realized I live in one.


There’s a saying that I think is largely true for many of us—that you’re only ever as happy as your least happy child. I believe there’s another corollary—that children are only ever as happy as their mother or, as the case may be, the one who plays the maternal role in their lives. They can…