Out of Our Way

It’s important to recognize the vast number of things we have and enjoy because someone else is going out of their way for them….

Really About

I’m realizing that all of our family road trips were never really about seeing the sights, learning about history, or having fun….

Apple Pie

It’s my dad’s birthday today. The day I always eat something with apples in his honor….

Can’t Comprehend

Cannot wrap my mind around the lives of people I love who have been constant in my life since the day I was born being reduced to just an obituary….

Running Away

When I was little and felt like running away, my dad would grab my hand and say, “Here…I’ll go with you.”…

The Evidence

Do not think that you will find truth or justice in a court of law where two sides are equally interested in telling only part of the story….

Not Defined

Relationship is not defined by communication….

Every Day

Every day I love the straight and narrow more….


That which enslaves our minds enslaves our actions.


When I think of how wrong people’s perceptions are of me, even those who claim to know me best, I’m forced to acknowledge how wrong my perceptions must be of others, even those I think I know best, including myself.