It’s Enough

Mother’s Day posts are often a litany of the expectations mothers try and fail to live up to every day. Most mothers I know don’t set out to be heroes—I know mine didn’t (but she was one anyway). Most of us simply set out to survive. Two of my babies are mothers now. They’re deep…

Beautiful Response

Stories of incredible suffering can be beautiful in hindsight, not because of the suffering but because of the beautiful response.

Bigger Picture

It isn’t unusual for “well-behaved” toddlers to grow up arrogant, narcissistic, and convinced that the world revolves around them. They’re hard to teach. As adults, they fail to see their negative, self-centered tendencies because they were never acknowledged and dealt with. Their deeper issues are overlooked or conveniently ignored, and they’re told how “good” they…

Midnight Plane

Some things in life are like a midnight plane crash that happens when you didn’t even know your plane was going down. Someone slaps you back to consciousness and says, “You’re alive. You’re badly hurt, but you made it.” You crawl around in the dark trying to make sure all your family members made it,…

What We Know

We love what we know. There’s so much we don’t know.

Carve Our Paths

The words we say and sing out loud matter. They carve our paths before us. Speak well. Sing with purpose. Listen with care.

Too Much

To some, you’re too old to understand how things are. Too young to remember how things were. Too experienced to be innocent. Too innocent to have half a clue. Too educated to be in touch with reality. Too uneducated to comprehend the complexity. Too left to be right. Too right to care. Here’s to those…


Failure is always an option. It’s just not the preferred one.

Live It Well

One of the strongest indicators of improving mental health is losing the need to escape life and instead looking for new ways to live it well.

Near and Far

If you don’t love the people near to you, you don’t love the people far from you.


Don’t criticize a recipe you’ve never actually followed.


Locus of control is the extent to which we take responsibility for the circumstances of our own lives. Change is certain, but we are free to determine how we respond to it. We tend to look for excuses and sources of blame outside ourselves—family, friends, teachers, religious leaders, employers, employees, customers, pandemics, movements, the economy,…