Don’t criticize a recipe you’ve never actually followed.


Locus of control is the extent to which we take responsibility for the circumstances of our own lives. Change is certain, but we are free to determine how we respond to it. We tend to look for excuses and sources of blame outside ourselves—family, friends, teachers, religious leaders, employers, employees, customers, pandemics, movements, the economy,…

Go Easy

We all have wounds. Some visible. Some not. Some we had the opportunity to properly mourn. Some not. Some healed. Some not. We can’t begin to identify who is or is not in pain. Go easy.

What It Is

I’m learning not to weigh the good against the bad—the gains against the losses—in determining the sum of things. The good is so much better standing alone where the bad has no hold over it by comparison. I’m taking the moments as they come, crying over some, rejoicing over others, and letting each be what…

A Cat’s Purr

I find it both fascinating and daunting how hard it is to measure or place a value on prevention. But there’s a young family of a Detroit bus driver who understands its value and who wishes others had as well. It doesn’t take numbers or degrees to comprehend. Perhaps the things with the greatest value…

Be One

Never begrudge the ups and downs, the goods and bads, the in-betweens. The best present in life is someone who stays. Those who don’t have one can be one. 💞 “Friendship is a sheltering tree.” ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Circus

Life isn’t passing you by. The circus is passing you by. Don’t join the circus.


When you’re young, grief is intense and internal and blessedly brief. When you’re old, it’s profound and enduring and all-consuming like gravity.