Apple Pie

It’s my dad’s birthday today. The day I always eat something with apples in his honor. He would be 97. August has always been hard for me. So fraught with losses and heartaches. More so each year, to the point that I can hardly face this innocent, bountiful month of early harvests and endless summers….

Can’t Comprehend

I cannot wrap my mind around the lives of people I love who have been constant in my life since the day I was born being reduced to just an obituary—47,304,000+ minutes condensed to a few short paragraphs. It doesn’t begin to represent the loss.

Running Away

When I was little and felt like running away, my dad would grab my hand and say, “Here…I’ll go with you.” Together we’d wander through the mists and ponderosa pine forests of California’s foothills until there was nothing left to do but go home. Today is one of those days. Not so different from any…


Do not think that you will find truth or justice in a court of law where two sides are equally interested in telling only part of the story. That is a last and often ill-advised resort. Whenever possible, resolve issues sooner and in more constructive ways. Whenever you hear someone say, “The evidence says…,” or…

Not Defined

Relationship is not defined by communication. It is defined by commitment, compassion, and goodwill. Out of necessity, I communicate regularly with people who care very little about me and who probably secretly rejoice when I suffer. Conversely, my four dearest friends and I hardly interacted for nearly 25 years, but when our paths crossed again…


That which enslaves our minds enslaves our actions.


When I think of how wrong people’s perceptions are of me—even those who claim to know me best—I’m forced to acknowledge how wrong my perceptions must be of others, even those I think I know best, including myself.

Know Better

If we talk long enough, we reveal who we really are. If there are things we say to some that we know better than to say to others, we know better. And that’s dangerous ground. The bigger problem is that we see it only as dangerous ground for others.


I’ve been thinking about legacies. About how simple and beautiful and direct they can be. About how we might be born to sing one song or write one letter or preach one sermon or simply have one conversation that somehow lives on and changes the world, and how all our agonizing about the endless day-to-day…


Trust is the essence of love. That’s why love looks so much like innocence.