That which enslaves our minds enslaves our actions.


When I think of how wrong people’s perceptions are of me—even those who claim to know me best—I’m forced to acknowledge how wrong my perceptions must be of others, even those I think I know best, including myself.

Know Better

If we talk long enough, we reveal who we really are. If there are things we say to some that we know better than to say to others, we know better. And that’s dangerous ground. The bigger problem is that we see it only as dangerous ground for others.


I’ve been thinking about legacies. About how simple and beautiful and direct they can be. About how we might be born to sing one song or write one letter or preach one sermon or simply have one conversation that somehow lives on and changes the world, and how all our agonizing about the endless day-to-day…


Trust is the essence of love. That’s why love looks so much like innocence.


It’s possible to be addicted to any number of things. Food, relationships, music, routines. Addiction prevents you from thinking and freely making newly-informed decisions. Addictions make you unable to respond to the needs of the moment without thinking of loss to self. It defines gain in the negative. Love, devotion, and commitment are thinking, freeing…

Makes No Difference

When a rattlesnake drops into your canoe, it makes no difference how fast you try to paddle away.

Right Balance

Relationships are like golf. It’s all about getting the right balance on your feet. If you lean too far backward, you make a divot. Lean too far forward and you miss the ball completely. Things I learn from my son.

Not Your Words

It’s not your words that reveal who you value. It’s who you invite home for dinner.

Then Suddenly

I worry and I worry, and then the Lord suddenly makes the pieces fall into place in just the right way and at just the right time in ways I could never have planned nor foreseen. Like sunshine breaking through the clouds just in time for the outdoor party. May 25, 2014 – written a…