Still Never Fails

Love never fails. That eternal, profound realization hit me long ago when my kids were small and I was still struggling just to keep my patience. How incredibly all-consuming and eternal. It extends universes beyond human politics, philosophies and bottom lines. It has no geographical limits or borders. It has continued to hold me accountable…

More To Me

There are endless hiking trails nearby, many much closer than this one. But I return to Big Mountain more often than not. It’s where I work out the stresses of recent weeks and the sorrows of recent years. “I climb so I can feel tired and sore in places other than my heart.” At first…

New Realities

We make positive advances during times of crisis, disruption and uncertainty. We make amazing discoveries under pressure when our efforts are focused on what is most important. We’re capable of rising to the occasion. We’re capable of learning how to do old things in new and better ways. We’re capable of recognizing challenges as opportunities…

Among Friends

If you never hear anything but affirmation and assent, you may be surrounding yourself with all the wrong people. It’s not always a sign that you’re among friends.

The Circus

Life isn’t passing you by. The circus is passing you by. Don’t join the circus.

New Reasons

I’m not afraid to change my mind. Sometimes I just discover new reasons to believe old things.

Imagine the Things

My mother always told me to learn a new hymn each week on the piano. To read a chapter a day in the Bible. To eat fruits, nuts, grains, and greens every day for my health. To put first things first. To tackle life’s greater challenges in small chunks. To take long journeys in small…