Too Much

To some, you’re too old to understand how things are. Too young to remember how things were. Too experienced to be innocent. Too innocent to have half a clue. Too educated to be in touch with reality. Too uneducated to comprehend the complexity. Too left to be right. Too right to care. Here’s to those…


Many of us build our lives, our identities, our platforms, on the bitter declaration, “Look what has been done to me!” That, I believe, divides us more than any of our social, political, economic or religious differences. On the other side are those who ask, “What good can I do for others?” The distinction is…


Don’t criticize a recipe you’ve never actually followed.


Your actions and outcomes are affected not only by what you put in your mind but also by what you fail to put there.


Locus of control is the extent to which we take responsibility for the circumstances of our own lives. Change is certain, but we are free to determine how we respond to it. We tend to look for excuses and sources of blame outside ourselves—family, friends, teachers, religious leaders, employers, employees, customers, pandemics, movements, the economy,…

Still Never Fails

Love never fails. That eternal, profound realization hit me long ago when my kids were small and I was still struggling just to keep my patience. How incredibly all-consuming and eternal. It extends universes beyond human politics, philosophies and bottom lines. It has no geographical limits or borders. It has continued to hold me accountable…

Go Easy

We all have wounds. Some visible. Some not. Some we had the opportunity to properly mourn. Some not. Some healed. Some not. We can’t begin to identify who is or is not in pain. Go easy.

Every New Thing

There will always be demand for another new story. For another new song. For a new chord progression. For a new perspective. For a new sunrise. For a new sunset. For a new day. For a new in between. There is room for every new thing. Even while there’s a repeat of every old thing….

Rare But Never Wrong

We always have the freedom to treat others well—employees, customers, clients, contractors, vendors, colleagues and strangers we meet on the street. It’s never wrong to treat people with respect, regardless of status or circumstances—ours or theirs. It is never wrong to be kind, even in the face of disagreement or communication breakdown. These things are…


No one can take away our freedom to do good. To be good. To pass good on to others. Governments can’t. Pandemics can’t. The media can’t. Facebook and Twitter can’t. Even in a jail cell we still have that freedom. Sometimes we forget how free we really are to make that choice.

More Significant

I suspect that how we internally react when good or bad things happen to others is a more significant moral test than how we respond when good or bad things happen to us.