Can’t Know

We can’t know young people or assess their potential by looking at their grades or by sizing up their music or clothing or what they do on Friday nights. We can’t predict their futures by looking at their pasts. We can’t tell their motives by looking at their friends. We can’t pick out who will…

What We Know

We love what we know. There’s so much we don’t know.

Too Much

To some, you’re too old to understand how things are. Too young to remember how things were. Too experienced to be innocent. Too innocent to have half a clue. Too educated to be in touch with reality. Too uneducated to comprehend the complexity. Too left to be right. Too right to care. Here’s to those…

Live It Well

One of the strongest indicators of improving mental health is losing the need to escape life and instead looking for new ways to live it well.


Carefully consider the questions you ask. You’ll be stuck with the answers.


Your actions and outcomes are affected not only by what you put in your mind but also by what you fail to put there.

Don’t Assume

If someone rejects your view or opinion, it’s worth trying to understand why. That requires listening and examining it from the outside. Don’t assume that rejection equates to misunderstanding. They may see a bigger picture than you do, or at least see something you miss.

Among Friends

If you never hear anything but affirmation and assent, you may be surrounding yourself with all the wrong people. It’s not always a sign that you’re among friends.