Nothing More Devastating

I have come to firmly believe that there is nothing more devastating to individuals or society than “righteous” indignation.

Must Begin

Love must begin with respect. Two people cannot move forward merely tolerating each other’s differences and looking down on each other as ignorant idiots who can’t see past the noses on your faces. No relationship can survive that. Neither can a country. There must be mutual respect for the genuine value that others bring to…

On Us

We don’t get out of this life with a list of excuses or a long list of people to blame. In the end, it’s on us to care enough. To love enough. To recognize the value that came our way, whether or not we embraced it. To acknowledge the long list of people who invested…

Teach Them

Teach your children to value the people in their lives. The people who came before them. The people who taught them. The people whose blood runs through their veins. The people who invested in them, even from a distance. If you teach your children to value only people exactly like you—exactly like them—you raise narcissists….