Lost another dear friend to cancer. So many beloved friends and family fighting that fight, and I often contemplate the reality that I may soon join them. You never know when it’s the last conversation you’ll have with someone. You bump into them at the local mercantile—of all people, you bump into them. You catch…

Beautiful Response

Stories of incredible suffering can be beautiful in hindsight, not because of the suffering but because of the beautiful response.

Midnight Plane

Some things in life are like a midnight plane crash that happens when you didn’t even know your plane was going down. Someone slaps you back to consciousness and says, “You’re alive. You’re badly hurt, but you made it.” You crawl around in the dark trying to make sure all your family members made it,…

More To Me

There are endless hiking trails nearby, many much closer than this one. But I return to Big Mountain more often than not. It’s where I work out the stresses of recent weeks and the sorrows of recent years. “I climb so I can feel tired and sore in places other than my heart.” At first…

Go Easy

We all have wounds. Some visible. Some not. Some we had the opportunity to properly mourn. Some not. Some healed. Some not. We can’t begin to identify who is or is not in pain. Go easy.

What It Is

I’m learning not to weigh the good against the bad—the gains against the losses—in determining the sum of things. The good is so much better standing alone where the bad has no hold over it by comparison. I’m taking the moments as they come, crying over some, rejoicing over others, and letting each be what…

Every New Thing

There will always be demand for another new story. For another new song. For a new chord progression. For a new perspective. For a new sunrise. For a new sunset. For a new day. For a new in between. There is room for every new thing. Even while there’s a repeat of every old thing….

Be One

Never begrudge the ups and downs, the goods and bads, the in-betweens. The best present in life is someone who stays. Those who don’t have one can be one. 💞 “Friendship is a sheltering tree.” ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge


When you’re young, grief is intense and internal and blessedly brief. When you’re old, it’s profound and enduring and all-consuming like gravity.