Fuel for Life

What drives me onward is not the will to have but the will to give. My capacity for love is the result of what I invest in others, not what they invest in me….

All You Need

Today I took the first scenic road trip I’ve taken alone in perhaps 25 years. Since before Florida, Mark and the children, law school and Montana (the first time), Texas (the second time), Colorado, and Washington (the third time). It was the long road home through the Kootenai forest on the first and longest day…

Call It Good

In London it’s Horlicks. In America it’s Ovaltine. My version: 1 mug hot or steamed Silk soymilk (original) and 4-5 heaping teaspoons of Ovaltine (chocolate malt), topped with a drizzle of whipped cream.

Without Fear

Love casts out fear because it is selfless. When you act out of love, you act without fear of personal consequences.

The Choice

Sometimes you get everything you ever wanted and everything you never wanted at the same time. It reminds you that life is a zero sum game, that anything of real value is eternal, and that joy is ultimately a choice.

Valuable Gift

The most valuable gift you can give someone is the benefit of the doubt….